What Do the Latest Blackjack Variants Reveal About the Future of This Game?

What Do the Latest Blackjack Variants Reveal About the Future of This Game?

The long history of blackjack makes it stand out as one of the most popular and long-running card games ever invented. Yet, the way it’s changed in recent years adds an element of freshness and makes us wonder what else the future holds for blackjack.

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Speed of Play Is Important to Many Players

A major change to the presentation has been created through the introduction of live-streamed human dealers who hand out the cards. While that has added a realistic casino setting, it also added the risk of games taking longer to complete than on a virtual table.

The list of current blackjack online games shows how many games have had a speedier type of gameplay added to them. Infinite Blackjack allows an unlimited number of players, meaning that there’s no need to wait for a seat. Alternatively, Majority Rules Speed Blackjack sees all the players get the same hand and the decision on what to do comes down to what the majority says. 

Other games simply add speedier gameplay that sees the dealer carry out their role by quickly giving out the cards and passing from one round to the next, without the need for new rules to be created. In addition, the chance to play with more than one hand at a time could suit someone who wants to play rapidly and is comfortable making multiple decisions on each round.    

Players Look for Additional Features 

The basic game of blackjack can be traced back to the 18th century and it appears to have changed little throughout its long, interesting history. It’s always been noteworthy as being one of the few casino games where players can influence the outcome in some way but one of the key changes has been that there are now more ways for players to make decisions.

Cashback Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, and Buster Blackjack are all modern variants that add something extra to the classic way of playing such as side bets or switching cards between hands, while Quantum Blackjack adds random multipliers that can increase the size of the typical wins.

These features make each version feel and play differently but in each case, the basic game is recognisably blackjack. The key features remain in place, such as trying to get closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand but going bust if you go over this total. So, it’s easy to imagine that a player from the 19th century could quickly understand what is happening but would just need to get to grips with the modern features that have been introduced.

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A Look to the Future

Will blackjack games carry on evolving while retaining the basic gameplay they’ve always had? On the evidence of what we’ve seen with the current range of blackjack games, it seems likely that future releases carry on with this trend by adding in new elements but without changing the way the basic game works. This should ensure that different versions are offered to suit just about every type of player who is interested in trying to reach 21.  

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